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BLACK STAR AIKIDO DOJO is based in United Kingdom. It is a contemporary martial art with a clear history and links to the origins of Aikido in Japan. We base our training and skill development on martial art sciences .

We adhere to the strict principles and movements of Aikido but allow free expression of development for all our students and Instructors alike.

BLACK STAR AIKIDO hold courses in both  the United Kingdom and Europe. Its  Chief Instructor is Tony J Brown holding the rank of 6th Dan and being a National Coach Tutor. He is an experienced Control & Restraint Instructor for the Police and Private Companies. He has  6 years service as a Police Firearms Officer in the Operations & Tactical Unit and many years service as a front line uniformed officer.

BLACK STAR AIKIDO offers many courses covering many topics. One popular course for all martial art students and instructors is the 5 hour intensive course entitled “The Use of Reasonable Force”   covering all the legislation about using force in self defence/arrest/defence of person & property… A great course involving group work and exercises and lectures. Certificate awarded for all in attendance to be used as part of the  students professional development portfolio.


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